Welcome to Cherubums- Cloth Nappy Help & Hire

Due to Covid our working practices have changed. As a volunteer organisation we simply don’t have as much capacity as we did!

You can now reserve on the site, and will be charged a £25 fee when you make a reservation. This will be deducted from the total cost of your hire. it’s none refundable. (but if you are borrowing a kit that costs £25 there will be nothing further to pay)

If you would like support you can contact us at cherubumsnappies@gmail.com or via messenger at facebook.com/messenger and we can help you choose what you’d like an offer fit and wash support

You will be responsible for collecting and returning your nappies to HQ which is in Bilton, Harrogate. By reserving you agree to arrange this, and to our wash guide and late fees. 

Please please do get in touch for a chat if you are wondering where to start. And remember we also have fundraising bits you can add to your order (did we mention we are volunteer run?) and a growing library of books you can borrow for free.